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Covid update - 2023

Update -

Numbers for COVID in this area is rising again and of course we now have to add to this an awful flu/cold that would seem to be doing the rounds. Although many work places have changed their rules and less people are testing now ,I would like to still keep a few house rules in place so we all can be as safe as possible and covid free. The wearing of masks is no longer a requirement in most places but if any one feels happier doing so then please feel free to wear one if this should make you feel more relaxed .


I would how ever like everyone to please ; -

1. Wash your hands on arrival using items provided

2. Use the hand sanitiser throughout the duration of the class when you are handling items that others may use or if you share an item with another in your class.

3. Use the antibacterial wipes/paper towels etc when using the toilet


Please Note: Lastly should any of you have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive or if you have been feeling under the weather, although we are now told that you do not have to isolate if you have had multi vaccinations, I would like you to consider fully whether you should attend class and if wishing to do so please take a lateral flow test before attending and inform me of these developments. Also if sadly you test positive at any point , do inform me ASAP , including the last date you were in class so that I may pass on the information to others who may be on the tracking list I hold for each class so that they can be made aware.


Thank you all once again for your help and cooperation throughout these difficult times


T & C COVID policy 18 - 27th September 2023


                                                                               COVID and the rules to keep us all safe


Hi Mums


In order for all to stay safe and for the children to attend the workshops/classes at present ,here are a few small pointers for us all to bear in mind, many of which I am sure you are all already adhering to in your day to day lives. Rules in general have changed for the work places but I still will be keeping the following in place for everyone's well being


To attend class -

1. No child should attend a class if they or any member of their family are showing signs of covid/or this recent awful flu/cold or have in fact tested positive for covid.

2. If the above applies then I must have a clear picture of the date when they tested positive and the date when they finally had a clear LF test

3. No child should attend if they have been a close contact of someone who has tested positive at school or any other activity they may attend

4. KEY - On arrival in class , all children should wash their hands with items provided and continue to do so or use the anti bac wipes throughout their session should they share any item with others as they sew. Please make sure you have discussed this with your child before attending class


I do keep a track of all attending classes , I will inform all of you should a child test positive following a class


Lastly I hope that you will be fully understanding of the requirements and note that this is all been put in place in order to keep us all safe


Thank you for your cooperation and support.


T and C policy 17- 27th September 2023

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