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Easter Workshops

Sail boat cushion

2nd April, 10-12.30pm, cost £37.50

Set sail on your sewing journey, this is the perfect place to store all your pins and needles.

PJ summer shorts

4th April, 10-12.30pm, cost £37.50

Make your first garment, a pair of lovely shortie Pjs set for the summer in soft poly- cotton

Floppy pots

4th April,1.30-3.30pm,cost £30

Fun storage pots, just the item to have for all your little bits and pieces, clear away all those sewing bits and bobbins.

Reversible Apron

12th April 10-1pm , cost £45

A colourful double sized apron, one side for baking and one for sewing, just slips over your head. A fun item to make and a useful item to own

Rainbow coin purse


12th April , 2-4pm, cost £30

This colourful coin purse to keep your pocket money safe, you'll

soon find you pot of gold over the rainbow

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