Shelbee Sewing

Create Something Beautiful and Learn a New Skill

Children's summer holiday sewing classes
Age range 8 to 15 yrs old

Have you a child who would like to learn to sew or may be expand on some sewing skills they may already have, then one of the summer sewing workshops may be just the answer. Below are all the workshops which will be on offer for the 8-15 yrs olds this summer, each offers them the chance to learn how to use a sewing machine while making a range of fun projects. All fabric and notions for each project will be provided and is included in the cost, there are sewing machine which can be used if your child does not have one of their own to bring along to class. All classes are small and limited to four children to give each the attention and support they may require while learning to sew .

August's Summer school calendar


Each class is limited to 4 children

To sign up your child for a workshop and for the relevant enrolment form please contact direct using -

     DATE                       SUBJECT                    CLASS TIMES           COST

Monday 1st          Simple tote bag             10-12pm              £30

Monday 1st          Pj summer shorts          1-4pm                  £45

Friday 5th            Fish laundry holdall        9.30-12.30pm     £45

     Friday 5th            Patchwork cushion         1.30 -4pm           £37.50

Monday 8th         Draw string back pack    10-1 pm              £45

Monday 8th         Simple tote bag                2-4 pm                £30

Friday 12th          Pj summer shorts            9.30- 12.30 pm  £45

Friday 12th          Fish laundry holdall        1.30-4.30 pm      £45


Make a useful tote bag

Monday 1st August 10-12pm

or Monday 8th August 2-4pm - cost £30

This morning session will see us making a tote bag from two contrasting fabric. learning to sew straight lines, joining fabrics with the correct seam to complete a useful item to use for any occasion


Summer time shortie Pjs

Monday 1st August 1-4pm

or Friday 12th August 9.30 - 12.30 pm - cost £45

Want to make a great garment s for the summer, why not come along and create a super pair of summer shorties Pj's using a sewing machine, giving you the opportunity to learn how to cut fabric out, make a good seam, hems and an elastic waistband to complete the project

Fun fish laundry Bag

Friday 5th August 9.30-12.30pm

or Friday 12th August 1.30-4.30pm - cost £37.50

Cute ...check, Fun.. check, Useful.. check. These adorable fish laundry bags will be loved by everyone, so useful for keeping your room tidy and can also be used to take your swimming items to class


Friday 5thAugust

Make a Patchwork cushion,

1.30-4pm - cost £37.50

During this afternoon session you will use the sewing machine to create this fun cushion , practicing sewing your straight seams to create a beautiful patchwork cushion that will look great in any room in your house


Monday 8th August

Make a draw string back pack

10-1pm - cost £45

Make a lined drawstring backpack! This easy project is perfect for beginners. Giving you the chance to practice sewing those straight lines and understanding how to line a bag