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'One to One' Private Sessions

'One to One' Tuition


Tuition can be offered on a one to one basis at an hourly rate. These sessions can be used for a number of reasons ie. to get you started and give you confidence before joining a group session, develop a technique or complicated garment, or this option may fit you personal timetable at present instead of the classes advertised on the other pages.

This option can be offered afternoons or evening my timetable permitting .



One to One

Get to know your Sewing Machine



Monday day times and Wednesday evenings - dates to suit     Cost £27.50


A  two hour workshop which will introduce you to your sewing machine. Learn to thread up the machine correctly, wind the  bobbins, adjust the tension plus learning to identify all the machine parts. Trouble shoot minor problems. Plus learn which feet to use to insert zips , make rolled hems  and the decorative stitches your machine is able to create.




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The Joy of the Over Locker


one to one sessions offered with times and dates to suit  cost £27.50


The session is aimed to take you through the key stages of starting work with your over locker. Threading up, knowing the parts of the machine, understanding the tension plus lots more.

One To One: Getting to grips with the commercial pattern


Book a date now – cost £27.50 Monday day times or Wednesday evenings


These sessions are aimed at giving all a better understanding of the commercial pattern. Therefore whether you are just starting out to learn how to sew using a paper pattern or have been doing so for some time this may well be the workshop you require. Here I aim to give the tips and know how in order to understand the language of the pattern. By the end of the session you will have a better knowledge of such things, like the signs and symbols used, cutting out a multi size pattern and how to work out the fabric requirements for your chosen project