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Events, location workshops and parties 


– contact to discuss your groups ideas


I am available to hold instructional events for groups such as WI’s, Girl Guides and Women guilds etc for fun sessions such as “lets make a pinny”.These can be held at a location of your choice, or maybe you would like to bring a party of like minded friends to The Boundary to hold a “have a go” sessions, these can cover a range of topics from bag making to cushions and much more.


Parties to include pre -wedding tea and garter parties or baby showers, which can be tailored to meet  your needs  – contact to discuss any ideas you may wish to incorporate into a party and I am sure that we will be able to put together a plan to meet your wishes.


Wales location workshop event. 10 - 13th March 2017

Sewing B Challenge

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Patchwork Runner Workshop 12th Nov 2017

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Macmillan cancer support - a final total of £180 was raised, many thanks to all who supported this fund raising

Wales location workshop 2nd year 24thMarch -27th March 2018

settling in

Day 1, arrival,settling in

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Day2:Early start at sewing today and the view from the sewing room with the sun shinng

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First two projects complete

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